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Desiccant Dehumidification Rotors


Jiangyin SAT Air Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd (hereafter says SAT Co.) was established in March of 2000. From 4th of January 2013, ProFlute AB will become the 100% shareholder in SAT, and SAT is becoming a fully owned subcompany of ProFlute AB. Under the new ownership, SAT and ProFlute will continue with its current operations. The new ownership structure will allow the business to invest further in World Class manufacturing facilities, with an intended strategy of broadening the product range with the addition of other components and sub-assemblies.
The SAT evaporative cooling pads and its system made by SAT Co. have been widely used for cooling in poultry houses and greenhouses during the hot summer season.. The pads have been also used as a kind of efficient and economic media for industrial applications such as humidifier and evaporative coolers. The SAT Co. has become the biggest professional cooling pads manufacturer in China and can provide various kinds of pads such as the pads with a different sheets flute and across angles. The huge quantities of cooling pads have been exported to European and Middle East countries.
Since the May of 2004, the SAT Co. imports the desiccant media from his Swedish partner, ProFlute AB, to make desiccant dehumidification rotors and cassettes. The PPS rotors with 82% of silica gel content, the PPM rotors with 45% of molecule sieve content and the PPH rotors with 2% of lithium chloride content can meet the requirement for international high quality rotors by most domestic dehumidifier manufacturers. The rotors also can be used for the replacement for most existing dehumidifiers. As a rotor supplier, the SAT Co. will create a good cooperation relationship with our customers with the unique quality, competitive price, excellent service and short period of delivery time so that to mutually explore and serve for the growing domestic dehumidification market.

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